Career Guidance and Counselling – CGC

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Program Vision:– 

Excellence and leadership in research, Postgraduate learning and vocational education at the national and regional levels through an educational program in accordance with international academic standards in career guidance and counseling to achieve a level of professional development of employees and the transfer of specialized information and knowledge that provide professional and vocational services.

Program Mission: –  

Providing a unique, distinct learning-and-research environment for students and researchers in career guidance and counseling. The program is the guide to put ideas into practice as projects that can be utilized.

Program Objectives: –  

  1. Supporting national development through providing relevant competencies that respond to labor-market needs.
  2. Providing technical support to the entrepreneurship system in Egypt.
  3. Offering highly specialized professional personnel in career guidance and counseling in all practical fields in Egypt and abroad.

Why Career Guidance & Counseling?

  1. Persisting need in the Egyptian education sector in continuation of previous efforts.
  2. Persisting need for CGC professionals.
  3. Persisting need for CGC research.
  4. Persisting need at industry.
  5. Wide range of beneficiaries.
  6. Solving education relevance problems and market needs gaps.
  7. Better education retention rates.

Why Helwan University?

  1. Interdisciplinary by nature (one of 2 in Egypt) following department based structure.
  2. Technological (stresses applied aspect of learning).
  3. First of a type Postgraduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies and Research.
  4. Wide range of resources (digital as well as material)
  5. Multi-campus and well distributed teaching facilities. 
  6. (Zamalek – Mohandeseen – Helwan – Matareya …)

Target Group:

  1. Local and International education institutions’ academic and administrative staff (Academic advising – alumni – employment – recruitment – FLDC…)
  2. HR / recruitment / talent acquisition departments
  3. Supervisors / middle and top management

International Benchmark:

  1. Florida State University            
  2. Michigan State University         
  3. University of Malta
  4. Coventry University
  5. University of West of Scotland

Programs’ Description:-

Our snowman 

  1. Flexibility
  2. Adaptability
  3. Multi-tracking

Programs’ Description: ILOs