Main Objectives

  • Building and developing a scientific and educational base in interdisciplinary sciences, technology, and humanities, thus consolidating the idea of integrating scientific disciplines inside and outside Helwan University.
  • Providing the scientific and practical environment that supports integrated education processes through research activities, training and application by all human resources in the university.
  • Preparation of professional and academic human resources in interdisciplinary fields in a manner that ensures the building of skilled and training capabilities that can provide innovative solutions to various problems.

  • Mounting entrepreneurship and business partnership related to the country’s development needs and global challenges.
  • Introducing special interdisciplinary postgraduate programs to allow intellectual students to proceed with their education at the degrees of diploma, master’s and doctorate, and organizing events and practical activities to support studies and interdisciplinary research.
  • Participating in building strong links with the sectors of production, business and services in the public and private sectors, and with professional organizations and community institutions to meet the changing needs of the labor market, in order to continuously improve and develop study programs and responding with them  in order to increase  production quality.
  • Effective cooperation and partnership with the relevant international scientific institutions, and establishing joint degrees with them, which leads to supporting and deepening of expertise and knowledge, transferring of technology, and its assimilation and production.
  • Provide consultancy and expertise to industrial and service organizations in various subjects and problems that fall within the field of programs disciplines of the faculty, as a house of expertise and knowledge in this regard.