• The first faculty of postgraduate studies , within regions of  the middle east and north Africa,  specified for  interdisciplinary postgraduate programs and research.  
  • The faculty main role goes beyond deepen  connections within universities, faculties and departments across  different disciplines:

to contribute to stronger and more diversified economy in Egypt and  to respond to labor market needs facing  economic, social and environmental challenges  both locally and globally.

In order to reinforce the value of expanding skills and experiences beyond the boundaries of a single concentration, the  faculty  agenda builds for  bonding  pillars  of research, education and industries.

 So as to pursue the goalmouth of “Connections Across the Boundaries, new  interdisciplinary postgraduate programs  offering  Diplomas , Master’s  and Doctorates  are created.

Ultimately, programs  promote efficient   curriculum-based interdisciplinary  courses trailed by  varied inquiry centers that work as research  hubs and build networks across universities, departments and disciplines.